Архив метки: Semenov

Semenov M. Euro, Dollar, Ruble, and Love

Semenov M. Euro, Dollar, Ruble and Love is the poster for IAREP 2012 Conference

Introduction. People’s attitude toward money is commonly measured in psychological research either at the conscious level as the attitude, or as an incentive in the context of activities. We propose a new approach for the measurement of the attitude toward money, which combines psycho-physiological reaction to money compared to the responses to other significant incentives. Classical Russian literature (e.g., Dostoevsky, F.M., Ostrovsky, A.N.), repeatedly described a conflict between love and money as a struggle of two opposite types of incentives. Following this tradition, operationalized feeling of love as a biological and social stimulus was used as a control variable for the attitude toward money.

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