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Bitcoin и другие криптовалюты

В гостях у Superjob — Алексей Порхунов, душевед пользователей Bitcoin и прочих криптовалют, футуролог и антиутопист. Человек, который не понаслышке знает, что такое Deep Web и с чем его едят.

Траектория успеха: Алексей Порхунов from Superjobonline on Vimeo.


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Carruthers B. G., Espeland W. N. Money, Meaning, and Morality


B. G. Carruthers, W. N. Espeland

American Behavioral Scientist, Vol. 41, Issue 10, 1384-1408 (Aug 98)

Abstract: Presents a systematic study of monetary meaning by designing a framework. Demonstration of the usefulness of the framework; What monetary meanings are dependent on; Dimensions of monetary meaning; How people treat money differently; Aspects of monetarization; Conclusion to the study. Читать далее Carruthers B. G., Espeland W. N. Money, Meaning, and Morality

Pricing Psychology: 7 Sneaky Retail Tricks

By Farnoosh Torabi | Apr 29, 2011

The psychology of pricing explains why we do many of the silly things we do with our money. Retailers work hard to manipulate us, tweaking price tags and offering “special” promotions to get us to spend more than we normally would. Why are we so vulnerable?

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